Officers depart for South Sudan

The deployment of another eight Police officers for overseas peacekeeping mission amid the global pandemic, is a testament of the Fiji Police Force’s commitment in support of the United Nations mandate in the maintenance of international peace and security.

Inspector (IP) Mohammed Intaiyaz, IP Bimlesh Naicker, Sergeant (Sgt) Sam Raj, Sgt Biu Tagilala, Sgt Mohammed Khan, Sgt Alisi Lalabalavu, Corporal Merewai Cavua and Police Constable Maria Likusautu were deployed to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) over the weekend.

Adapting to the new norm, the eight officers had to sacrifice personal time with their families, as they had to be quarantined away from their loved ones in order to be fully compliant with COVID-safe protocols before their departure.

As travel restrictions had initially impacted the Fiji Police Force’s routine deployments, the institution is hopeful that once the global situation normalizes, more Police officers will be deployed to either existing, or new UN peacekeeping mission areas.

There are 20 police officers currently deployed in various United Nations Peacekeeping mission areas.