TotalEnergies support Fiji Police

TotalEnergies Fiji has marked its 10th year of supporting the annual Ratu Sukuna Tournament by gifting the 2021 hosts the Fiji Police Force, with additional support towards its campaign in retaining the prestigious Tanoa.

A $30,000 sponsorship was handed over by TotalEnergies Fiji Managing Director Dennis Cuaycong to Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho at the Fiji Police Headquarters in Suva this morning.

The sponsorship is in two-folds whereby $15,000 will go to the 2021 FMF Foods Limited Ratu Sukuna Organizing Committee and the other $15,000 to the main Police Rugby Team.

The sponsorship also secures naming rights for the Police Rugby team as they will now be known as the TotalEnergies Police Rugby Team.

TotalEnergies Fiji Managing Director Mr Cuaycong commended the work conducted by members of the Fiji Police in protecting all Fijians particularly during the COVID situation.

"Because of the decisive collective effort we are able to organise a gathering such as this while practicing prudent measures.

TotalEnergies Marketing Fiji Pte Limited is pleased to continue sponsoring the Tournament".

"At TotalEnergies we say that the energy part of our name signifies the energy of our people, team and partners and we hope to see this energy with the TotalEnergies Police Rugby team out on the field this year".

Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho thanked TotalEnergies for supporting the main organising committee as well as the champion Rugby team.

"We've sat back and saw in the media about sponsorship going to the "other team" and are thankful to TotalEnergies for making the wise decision to sponsor the champion team".

"TotalEnergies Police Rugby team sounds great and will certainly energise the team and the challenge is on us now to successfully defend the Sukuna Bowl this year", The main rugby challenge will be held on the 17th of December at the ANZ Suva and aired live on FBC Sports.

Overseas viewers will be able to watch the match as well for $15USD on the FBC Pop Up pay per view channel.